Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service in Tucson, AZ

Is your garbage disposal becoming increasingly harder to operate? Are you at your wits’ end with clogged sinks and leaky hoses? Stop the madness. Stop the water damage. Call Tucson 24 Hour Plumber and Drain.

We work with a team of amazing local plumbers who are trained to figure out exactly what is going on with your stubborn garbage disposal. Our team is available around the clock; ready to go to work on your schedule – not ours. From troubleshooting over the phone to showing up at your door first thing in the morning, there isn’t anything our plumbers won’t do to help you get to the bottom of your garbage disposal problems.

Jammed Disposal? No Problem. We Can Help!

Jammed garbage disposals are one of the most common problems we solve. As often as this kitchen appliance is used, it’s no wonder that jammed blades are a common complaint. From pieces of food to foreign matter accidentally falling into the garbage disposal, there are many opportunities for gridlock to occur.

When this happens, it’s important to figure out what is causing the problem to prevent the flywheel from breaking entirely. You also don’t want to run a disposal when it is jammed because it can cause stress to the motor. If you can’t figure out what is causing the problem, or you can’t remove the object, call us immediately. These repairs are usually simple, straightforward, quick, and affordable.

Clogged Drains Are a Thing of the Past with Our Drain Cleaning Services

Garbage disposals are notorious for backing up. Usually, this happens because too much food was placed in the receptacle, the wrong food waste was ground up, or the disposal was installed incorrectly. It’s important to call for assistance as soon as you notice the disposal is not draining well. The longer you wait to call, the more likely that a leak will develop underneath your kitchen sink and cause water damage.

Don’t attempt to remove a clog using chemical drain cleaners. These solutions can be harmful to your pipes and corrode the blades. Instead, call us for drain cleaning services in Tucson, AZ. This plumbing service is not strictly for toilets. It is very helpful in these situations too.

Garbage Disposal Installation Safeguards Your Appliance

If you purchase a new disposal, give us a call and let us install it for you. Our garbage disposal installation service like our repair services is affordable, guaranteed, and available on your schedule.

Pick up the phone and call for your free quote or to troubleshoot with our licensed plumbers!